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CondominiumCentral.net (the 'Web Site') is owned and operated by Condominium Central LLC. The following are the terms of a legal agreement between you and CondominiumCentral.net. Please read through all of our Terms of Use before using the web site.

1. This website is for personal, non-commercial use, only. All data provided on the Web Site is for personal, non-commercial, use and is not available for distribution, transmission, re-posting, selling, modifying or copying. The Web Site data is for the sole purpose of assessing information on condominiums, purchasing, leasing or using the resources of the Web Site.

2. Users (Web Site visitors) agree to provide true, correct and updated information.

3. Users acknowledge that they have read and understood our Privacy Policy. All information a user submits is subject to the CondominiumCentral.net Privacy Policy.

4. Users must be using the information provided for the sole purpose of purchasing or leasing a property. By providing personal information to the Web Site, a User agrees to receive promotional emails, personal emails, and/or telephone calls from CondominiumCentral.net.

5. The User acknowledges and understands that third parties may also represent other Users seeking to purchase or lease properties that may be suitable to their needs.

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9. Users are prohibited from performing any action that will (a) harm or impede the web site's infrastructure (b) be used in an attempt to duplicate the web site's content, software, or programming code (c) monitor the web site's activity, whether manually or by agent, robot, or software (d) share, upload or email any information that you do not have the right to.

10. To the fullest extent permitted by law, CondominiumCentral.net is provided on an "AS IS, AS AVAILABLE" basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, regarding (a) the information, data, services, tools, resources or products available in connection to this website or (b) the ability, capacity, quality, trustworthiness, or reliability of any third party service provider found or accessed through or in conjunction with the use of the Web Site.

11. Some jurisdictions do not allow for the implied exclusion of warranties so the above exclusions may not apply to you.

12. CondominiumCentral.net and its respective employees, officers, investors, contractors, agents, successors, service providers, affiliates, or content should in no way be liable to you for any damages or losses including, but not limited to, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from the use of this site or the inability to access or use this site or from breach of any warranty.

13. Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless CondominiumcCentral.net and its respective employees, officers, investors, contractors, agents, successors, service providers and affiliates for any and all damages or losses that result from a violation of these Terms of Use.

14. Even if CondominiumCentral.net has been informed of the possibility of such damages; we disclaim any and all warranties, including, but not limited to, any warranties concerning the availability, accuracy, value, products or services and any warranties of title or non-infringement for a specific purpose.

15. This disclaimer of liability applies to any damages or injury caused by, without limitation, any error, omission, defect, delay in transmission, computer virus, or destruction or unauthorized access whether for breach of contract or any other claim.

16. CondominiumCentral.net reserves the right to terminate a User at any time.

17. By using CondominiumCentral.net and through your contact with Condominium Central LLC, you agree that Condominium Central LLC may register you as a purchaser prospect with the developer(s) of the project(s) in which you have expressed interest, which registration may entitle Condominium Central LLC, as a cooperating broker acting exclusively on behalf of such developer(s), to the payment of a commission or referral fee by such developer(s) should you ultimately choose to purchase a unit. You agree, at Condominium Central's request, to acknowledge in writing to such developer(s) that Condominium Central LLC is the sole cooperating broker entitled to a commission or referral fee with respect to any unit at said project(s) for which you have executed a reservation agreement or entered into a purchase agreement.

If any section of these terms is unenforceable or illegal that part will be void and severable and will not affect the legality of the other terms. By using this Web Site, Users acknowledge that they have read and consent to the CondominiumCentral.net Terms of Use.

CondominiumCentral.net reserves the right to alter the information, content or services provided on the Web Site. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.